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Explore your experiences and get the best of them on a personal and professional level. Whether this be coping with illness (cancer), or business/career assessment, changes in life circumstances (such as relationships, lack of motivation, life balance, etc.) and the impact this has in your life and the lives of family and friends, Your Choice Coach creates bespoke coaching, consultancy, and mentoring.

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Carolina se ha especializado en el tratamiento de personas con cáncer y sus cuidadores. Su actividad con estas personas le ha brindado la oportunidad de asistirlos en periodos de mucha presión emocional y física. Usuarios incluyen tanto pacientes de cáncer bajo tratamiento, como aquellos quienes después del tratamiento, necesitan reincorporarse a la vida cotidiana.

What We Do

Specialist Cancer coaching for patients and carers.

Coaching is a conversation-based approach which supports the coachee/client through the process of setting and working through achievable goals.

As a former cancer patient, I have been through the experience of uncertainty and fear that a woman can face when dealing with this illness. We offer specific coaching and counselling services to patients and their carers throughout the different phases of cancer.

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Services are provided in English and Spanish,
in person or video conference.


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CBT and Mindfulness work for breast cancer patients - For a number of years coaches have been using and recommending Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and mindfulness to support cancer patients. Several books, blogs, online talks and interviews on the topic of CBT and Mindfulness have highlighted their positive impact on preventing and dealing with mental illnesses. Today’s session of Women’s Hour (BBC Radio 4- … Continue reading CBT and Mindfulness work for breast cancer patients

Passionate about coaching and education as tools for achieving one’s potential professionally and in life as a whole.

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Dr Valiente used both recent examples and examples from the near past to add to the more technical details of her lecture. The Volkswagen emissions scandal (which had just broken) was used most effectively. Her interaction with students worked well in such a large room. I saw that some students had downloaded and were making … Continue reading Siena Carroll FIE. Student 2016

Siena Carroll FIE. Student 2016

Carolina is one of the best professors I have had the pleasure of learning from.

Connor Gross Former Student. FIE 2016

Carolina really listened to my issue and through collaborative exploration, made me feel confident enough to acknowledge my worth, and charge for it!  A powerful experience!

Chrissy Reeves Therapist / Coach / Organisational Consultant


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Dr Carolina Valiente

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Coaching Membership

Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC).

Coaching Certifications

ANIMAS Centre for Coaching (approved by the International Coach Federation):

  • Accredited Certificate in Positive Psychology and Existential Psychology Coaching.
  • Youth Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Group Coaching and Facilitation.
  • Health and Wellness Coaching.
  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

Toby and Kate McCartney (approved training institute with The Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP). Our programmes lead to certification as a ‘Certified NLP Practitioner’ through the AIP.):

  • NLP Masters Practitioner.
  • Diploma NLP Practitioner.
  • NLP Foundations.

The Coaching Organisation (Recognised by the Coaching Association and approved by the Association of Integrative Psychology).

  • Corporate and Business Coaching
  • Youth Coaching.
  • Diploma Coaching Practitioner.

NLP Dynamics (ILM provider, Approved by the Association for NLP Training and the Association for Coaching):

  • Foundation Skills.

Other qualifications:

PhD International Banking

MPhil International Finance
MPhil Monetary Economics

BSc(Hons) Economics

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We specialise in coaching cancer patients and their carers, but we also offer bespoke services…

  Coaching  Neuro Linguistic
Programming (NLP)
Consulting Training
A conversation-based approach which supports the coachee/client through the process of setting and working through achievable goals.


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Remodel your thinking and behaviour by applying techniques to help you achieve your goals and communicate better.


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In order to help to find solutions that may target specific problems, consultants may propose different options as a way to progress and attain the defined goal.

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Develop the particular internal/external resources that are needed in order to achieve your goals.



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Who We Work With

Cancer  Patients & Carers Individuals Corporates & Groups
Coaching cancer patients and their carers is our speciality. As a former cancer patient, I have been through the experience of uncertainty and fear that a woman can face when dealing with this illness. 

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We support and facilitate your exploration of pathways for your present and future.



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Tailor-made group coaching followed by group-based activities that encourage participation within a safe environment, including how to support cancer patients and carers within your organisation.


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