“It takes courage to be honest and open about our own vulnerability.  But it is, at heart, what we all crave and need -not only to be listened to, but also to be heard. We want to be understood and accepted for the people we truly are. That’s all therapy is, understanding and acceptance.  It is allowing somebody to speak until they feel heard. It is acceptance of each other and of ourselves.”

From: Sally Brampton (2008).  Shoot the damn dog.

We are, above all, human. Therefore, we can only be the best we can when we are aware of our mistakes and what we may understand what can be changed for achieving what we want… However, perfection is not what we should strive for.

Our goal is to be a good human being. Our goal is develop acceptance towards ourselves and everyone else. Our goal is being empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate… starting with ourselves and the people we love and respect. This is one of the aims of coaching; working with a Coach in order to be heard and to hear ourselves, becoming the best human being we can be.



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