“People with cancer have also shown me the phenomenal internal resources that reside in our nature for copying, resilience and finding meaning. (…) until I had the privilege of working with people who had cancer, listening to them, and observing their personal power in the face of suffering, I had no clue really, no real understanding or appreciation of what we are made of. The fairy tale about turning straw into gold speaks to a capacity in the human spirit that I have witnessed firsthand.”
Kneier, Andrew (2010). Finding your way through Cancer. Celestial Arts. US. p.6.


Confronting cancer is a daunting experience. My own pathway through the illness and its treatment was full of mixed feelings. I was concerned about my closest family and friends, worried about taking time off from my job, trying to be positive in my daily behaviour while being practical in an environment which left me in the mist of a completely uncertain world. There were moments in which I felt that my body and my mind where not at the same place, and many other times when I felt my body did not belong to me anymore… Very disconcerting and unexpected.

How can you help yourself and your family and friends understand how you feel, without feeling guilty about it? How can you make use of your internal strengths in order to be able to deal with cancer and its treatment in the best possible way?

These days there are many options open to us, from therapy to support groups and beyond. The key is identifying what works for you and reaching out to those around you.

  • You can get the support from people to whom you can talk to openly
  • You can examine your physical and mental situation in order to deal with them separately or jointly
  • You need to allow yourself and yours to feel grief and worries, as well as to celebrate your progress and successes on a day-to-day and minute-to-minute basis
  •  Feel free to ask all the questions that are necessary for you to understand what is happening
  • Consider getting support outside of your inner circle of family and friends… Therapy and coaching are here to assist you every step of the way
  • Most importantly, remember to talk about your illness as much you wish to with those who are dear to you, and learn how ask  them for help when you need it and without feeling guilty for doing so

It is challenging, but it is “doable”, and you will discover more of your own strengths than you ever imagined you already had within yourself!

That will be your “made to measure” fairy tale.

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