“See every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your personal plan for self-development.”
From: Thought for Today.
Available on line at: info@thoughtfortoday.org.uk  [Accessed 22/06/16]


Learning lessons from your experiences could be the best you can do in order to move in the right direction and to achieve what you want.

  • Do you know what you did that was good and went well?
  • Can you point out at the reasons why things did not work as appropriately as you expected?
  • Do you know what exactly you could have done better?
  • Is it possible that you may need to get extra help or extra resources to attain success in your aims?

Trying to learn from what you do or do not do, rather than giving up when faced with obstacles, could be a demanding experience. However, it is worthwhile making an effort to understand events, the factors that cause them, their effect on you and others, your role in the events…

The more you learn about difficult situations, the more alternative ways of thinking and behaving you may find… Consequently, you can actively start effecting positive outcomes, building up on your abilities as the capable human being you all are.

I have changed countries, my career, my job, my life style… I have been learning what it works for me… and I am happier than ever.

Allow yourself to find the right path…!

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