Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend Ruby Wax’s latest show, Ruby Wax: Frazzled at Leicester Square Theatre.  Globally recognised as a comic interviewer and actress, she has always being witty and interesting to hear, what is more, since she has dedicated so much effort to bringing and making sense of Mindfulness for the general public, I have more admiration for her humanity and work.

Following the release of her book  A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, the one woman show is peppered with observations, experiences, scientific reasoning, and brilliantly vivid anecdotes which take the audience on a journey of discovery about what it is to be frazzled, and what we can do about it.

One of the most crucial things she makes evident in her show why we all should be learning to use mindfulness in our daily lives: like many of my students and colleagues, I continually find myself busy trying to answer endless emails, texts, news, phone calls… Today, more than ever, we are affected by the wonders of technological innovation. This permanent “connection” with the rest of the world forces our mind to become “a multi-tasking tool” to the extreme.

Consequently, our increasing anxiety and exhaustion with our daily tasks is having an impact in our lives, health and relationships.

Learning to slow our mind’s activity right down, remembering our bodies and our intimate self are, more than ever, crucial to our day-to-day survival as those smiley human beings we dream of being. The more people, and particularly youngsters , to learn to appreciate our inner peace and balance, the more we will allow ourselves the opportunity to bring peace and compassion to everything and everyone around us. Who knows? These waves may sooner or later have an impact in unsuspected places of our world!


Ruby Wax: Frazzled is playing at Leicester Square Theatre until Saturday 24th June 2017
You can book your tickets online here:

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