Despite of the progress in the treatment of cancer, we are still dealing with the seriousness of the illness and the aftermath of lives affected directly and indirectly by it.

Caregivers, being predominantly women, family members or friends, are unaccounted for as a critical source of support to cancer patients everywhere. They are little noticed. They receive limited assistance. They gain no recognition by the different institutions that offer clinical attention to the growing numbers of cancer patients visiting medical centres every day.

As a specialist coach, one of my roles is encouraging awareness about the caregivers’ role, their needs and importance. This involves a focus on two main issues: how can caregivers optimize their assistance to the patient they are looking after. Secondly, how should the NHS cooperate with caregivers to enhance the progression of patients throughout their treatment and after the treatment has finished.
Specialist coaches may aid caregivers to attain an overview of their particular needs and challenges. Caregivers can consequently, be more effective in nourishing the wellbeing and empowerment of cancer patients throughout and after their illness.

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