The government is announcing a new plan for enlarging the services offered to mental health patients ( Health: Mental health staff recruitment plan for England).

The important discussion should start with an understanding that body and mind are intimately connected, and that keeping one’s physical health involves dealing with psychological issues most of the time, and vice versa.

It is good that the government is acknowledging the fact that this area of health and well-being needs more attention and investment by the national authorities. However, actions should not be constrained to dealing with illnesses (mental and/or physical) once they are present and urgent. It will be much better from a human and financial perspective to prevent these diseases from happening, and support their healing from the very beginning of their occurrence.

In the case of children and youngsters, the support that is necessary could be wide ranging. The constant pressure by social media under which young people has to currently perform, is adding up to usual dilemmas and challenges faced by them throughout crucial years of their life.

Coaching services can and should be at the forefront of these efforts. With anxiety as much as with copying with cancer, coaching has shown to make a real difference between getting worse versus finding alternative ways of looking at and dealing with life challenges.

I hope that the corresponding authorities, including the NHS and the Royal College of Nursing can make use of coaching practitioners to help and to actively participate in this valuable effort nationwide.


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