The BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs programme had two remarkable women interviewed recently. I will dedicate this space to comment on the first one, by Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Chief Executive of Virgin Money ( Desert Island Discs, 23/07/17).
Mrs Gadhia is open and clear about many interesting points that all organisations, and particularly the financial sector institutions, could embrace as core issues for discussion. I have summarised some of these below :

a) the importance of incorporating more women into executive positions within all organisations
b) the relevance of having ” good people who do the the right thing for the right reasons”… people who would make the difference within the culture of any organisation
c) banking must serve customers and the economy as a core to making profits
d) trusting people, even under challenging circumstances, is fundamental for empowering them into higher purposes
e) “Attitude and temperament are the absolute key” for new recruitments. Self-confidence and clarity of purpose have to be shown in practice
f) anxiety and depression can affect everyone, including the most able people at different times and for different reasons. The ability to adapt and deal with change is what allow individuals to overcome these states of mind… and organisations get a direct benefit from supporting their employees and executives throughout these illnesses

The ideas referred to above can be useful in business practice as much as in a personal environment. The humanity and ethical framework expressed by Mrs Gadhia are both dignifying and encouraging.

Can we implement more of the above wherever we are? Can we help the organisations where we work to become better? How can organisations encourage people like Mrs Gadhia to flourish and contribute more to their work and to the wider society?

Beautiful challenge. Many thanks to Kirsty Young, to the BBC, and especially to Jayne-Anne Gadhia, for the opportunity to listen to these ideas which we utterly share.

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