The news this morning (see Today Programme, BBC Radio 4) included a section about how people over 50’s years old are being affected by loneliness, anxiety and depression.
Causes could be many and varied, as it is in the case of younger people. The difference seems to be the lack of awareness and acknowledgement among this segment of the population about mental conditions and how to deal with these illnesses. It seems that older people is less aware and more reluctant to look for help when they face them.
From the discussion it is possible to assert that in some cases over 50’s people only need to find someone to talk about the emotional and life challenges we face. In many cases this conversation brings about the possibility to identify crucial issues and circumstances affecting us. It also helps if we have someone skillful to point out at some relevant signposts.
While the NHS is struggling to cope with the wide and deep need of support for mental health, cases brought by “Over 50’s years old” may easily been ignored and missed altogether.
However, it is possible to offer quicker responses if the NHS, families and individuals acknowledge the issue, and look for assistance among the comunity of life coaches working near us. Coaches can help with tailor-made interventions that can complement family and NHS support.
Grown-ups should not be left alone to suffer in silence and to overcome their suffering by themselves. Grown-ups a well as younger people need help in copying with loses of family members, financial concerns, job loss. Being lonely, living with anxiety and getting through depression are not feelings than only affect older people. We all know that. Finding ways to live better, even at an older age, should be a clear alternative to all, and particularly to those over 50’s.

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