A huge amount has been written about leadership but at essence leaders lead change -no matter where they reside in the organisation’s hierarchy or whether they are outside a formal structure altogether.”… (Einzig, Hetty, 2017. p. 3)
This is one of the introductory statements that Einzig uses to start her book “The future of coaching”. In her very interesting lecture to an Animas audience of experienced and new coaches this evening, Ms Einzig explored the current challenges in the world of businesses and coaching. She discussed how Coaches have proven their important contribution, supporting businesses and particularly leaders in different types of organisations during the 40 years through which the profession has existed as such.
The core of this evening lecture was explaining how changing the approach and perspective of the world (dominated by Volatility+ Uncertainty+ Complexity +Ambiguity = “VUCA”), can be transformed by Coaches into a new and more productive prospect. The new way of looking at reality comprises Values + Understanding+ Creativity+ Awareness as a means to generate new mindsets and solutions in the business sector which are compassionate and more constructive towards individuals, business and society as a whole.
One additional quotation from her book I want to use here is as follows, “In a healthy organisation people create meaning together through designating roles, coming together in groups and teams, collaborating on projects, delineating functions in line with the purpose or the organisation and in relation to current realities (of the market, society, globally).”

Like this, Ms Einzig has many wonderful proposals in her book that were skilfully presented during the Animas evening lecture.
I agree very much with many of her ideas, and more importantly, I agree with her overall conclusion. Coaches like us, engaged with the business sector and leaders in different organisations, we have a big responsibility. We can support leaders and executives in their exploration of the new business environment. We can help these leaders to enhance the financial performance of their firms. However, our role goes wider and deeper that that.

Coaches must accompany leaders and organisations in defining real and proactive social responsibility and in prioritising an ethical behaviour. Coaches may facilitate the creation of a new healthier business culture that positively influences local communities and life around the world.

Thanks to Ms Einzig for a great lecture and useful book. Thanks to Animas for inviting her as a speaker in our special lecture this month.


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