What happens after treatment?

The above is one of the main questions that cancer patients and caregivers have when the treatment is progressing satisfactorily. What happens after? Many patients and their carers expect that life will revert to “normality”, this is, going back to where everything was before the cancer diagnosis. Going back to the job and responsibilities. Going … Continue reading What happens after treatment?

Can one conquer cancer?

When one is diagnosed with cancer, the first reaction is panic and confusion. All the bad news about the illness come to mind. The association of the illness with death and ruinous effects of treatment strike in seconds. The shock may give way to a lack of sensation and more confusion. Then immediate reactions towards … Continue reading Can one conquer cancer?

Cancer from a caretaker’s viewpoint: not an easy task.

The role of a caretaker is quite important in the life of any patient, and particularly for any cancer patient. When a person is faced with the news of cancer, the immediate reaction is the overwhelming feeling that this could be a matter of life and death. The whole life of the individual goes up-side-down. … Continue reading Cancer from a caretaker’s viewpoint: not an easy task.