Why Cancer Coaching?

Cancer coaching sessions are a different to other coaching activities. Firstly, cancer- affected clients usually are attempting to “digest” the fact they have gone through this traumatic illness and its uncertainties regarding survival. Secondly, clients want to “get back to normal” as soon as possible. They want to speed-up their return to work, to personal activities and to feel as their “old self”. Clients want to believe that cancer was only a frightful interruption to their selected life path.
Despite of the above, coaches learn that cancer survivors may need further support to apprehend what has happen, and to properly deal with a large number of emotions, thoughts and physical consequences of cancer. These clients tend to overestimate the recuperation they have achieved, and the fact that after such a traumatic experience, they may need more time to recover and more awareness about themselves to get “on the right track
All the coaching meetings with clients are “client centred” sessions. This means that coaching is led by the client’s most urgent concerns, and by their long-term views about the future. A selection of tools can be used depending on the issues under consideration during each one of the sessions . I particularly select from techniques and approaches used in Transformational Coaching, NLP, Positive Psychology (Post-Traumatic-Growth), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies.

Cancer is one of the life-changing experiences that many individuals endure every day. Coaches can support patients and their caregivers in this journey and help them to find very rewarding alternatives that make whatever the rest of their life is, more valuable.

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