Coaching is a conversation-based approach which supports the coachee /client through the process of setting and working through achievable goals, while making, monitoring and implementing plans that optimise the use of his/her internal and external existent and potential resources.

Coaching as a motivational and self-awareness process can also be used on a group basis. It can help the coachee /client by leading the individual or group through a client-led process of discovery that may deal with negative obstacles, and that expect to empower the client to move forward. Coaching may use NLP and other psychology-based tools (including Cognitive Behaviour Coaching), and techniques for attaining these objectives.

Coaching activities include: Life challenges, Going back to work, Time management, , Improving relationships, Public speaking and Making presentations, Organising personal/business finances/budget, enhancing self-esteem and motivation, Achieving specific aims at work and personal life, Moving forward with your life after a relationship or work break-up, or illness.


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