Coaching is a conversation-based approach which supports the coachee /client through the process of exploring, setting and working through achievable goals, while making, monitoring and implementing plans that optimise the use of his/her internal and external existent and potential resources.

Coaching as a motivational and self-awareness process can be used on a one-to one or on a group basis. It can help the coachee /client by supporting the individual or group through a client-led process of discovery that may deal with negative obstacles, and that expect to empower the client to move forward. Coaching frequently use Transformational approaches, complemented by NLP and other psychology-based tools and techniques (including Cognitive Behaviour Coaching and Positive Psychology), for attaining these objectives.

Coaching activities include: life challenges, Going back to work after Cancer, Becoming a caregiver, improving relationships, enhancing self-esteem and motivation, or moving forward with your life after a relationship or work break-up or illness .

On a career field, coaching can support you by exploring time management issues, finding ways of achieving specific aims at work, improving your public speaking and presentations skills, and supporting your efforts in terms of organising your personal/business finances.

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