Passionate about coaching and education as tools for achieving one’s potential professionally and in life as a whole.

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Carolina explained that the process of coaching would be supportive but also challenging at times. When I came to meet Carolina, I was facing problems related to my delayed return to work after cancer. We thoroughly discuss different options and ideas in order to get a clear strategy to follow at an important upcoming meeting … Continue reading for Cancer Coaching –

for Cancer Coaching –

Carolina really listened to my issue and through collaborative exploration, made me feel confident enough to acknowledge my worth, and charge for it!  A powerful experience!

Chrissy Reeves Therapist / Coach / Organisational Consultant

DR Carolina Valiente is one of the most motivating and influential people I have ever met in my life. Its the style, passion and simplicity that comes from her which makes you want to work and listen to her advice and opinion. Many people have the academic knowledge and experience but not many have the … Continue reading Vilson Ymeri Senior Personal Banker. Santander Bank

Vilson Ymeri Senior Personal Banker. Santander Bank