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Why Cancer Coaching?

Cancer coaching sessions are a different to other coaching activities. Firstly, cancer- affected clients usually are attempting to “digest” the fact they have gone through this traumatic illness and its uncertainties regarding survival. Secondly, clients want to “get back to normal” as soon as possible. They want to speed-up their return to work, to personal … Continue reading Why Cancer Coaching?

We all can create a good legacy

The passing of Dame Tessa Jowell was announced yesterday. Since then, many tributes and articles have been emerging all over the place. Dame Jowell seems to have been a very remarkable human being. People describe her as warm, authentic, tenacious, a good listener, a fantastic networker, inspirational, a compassionate person. I did not have the … Continue reading We all can create a good legacy

What happens after treatment?

The above is one of the main questions that cancer patients and caregivers have when the treatment is progressing satisfactorily. What happens after? Many patients and their carers expect that life will revert to “normality”, this is, going back to where everything was before the cancer diagnosis. Going back to the job and responsibilities. Going … Continue reading What happens after treatment?

Cancer from a caretaker’s viewpoint: not an easy task.

The role of a caretaker is quite important in the life of any patient, and particularly for any cancer patient. When a person is faced with the news of cancer, the immediate reaction is the overwhelming feeling that this could be a matter of life and death. The whole life of the individual goes up-side-down. … Continue reading Cancer from a caretaker’s viewpoint: not an easy task.

Cancer and Obesity

According to the statistics and information published today by Cancer Research, obesity may cause cancer (BBC 26/02/18, "Millennials 'set to be fattest generation'. Available on line at: This particular cause of cancer has been researched in the past. The concern is not new. Other sources have published studies and statistics about it for a … Continue reading Cancer and Obesity

Who cares about the carers?

Cancer carers and its impact on the economy and society has been identified as a "hidden role". Why? Because although carers are everywhere, in hospitals and surgeries, at home looking after patients and families, fulfilling tasks in communication, financial and health support, etc.,  only those patients do not have carers seem to really worry about … Continue reading Who cares about the carers?

Do you know what Carers do for Cancer patients?

What's the problem? "The number of people looking after someone with cancer in the UK has soared from around 1.1 million in 2011 to almost 1.5 million today. More than half of carers aren’t getting the support they need and the situation is getting worse. Around 110,000 people in the UK are part of a sandwich … Continue reading Do you know what Carers do for Cancer patients?

What cancer patients have to face

What is cancer? "Cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Some cancers may eventually spread into other tissues. There are more than 200 different types of cancer. 1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime." (Cancer Research, no date) There are also different ways of staging cancer … Continue reading What cancer patients have to face