Remodel your thinking and behaviour by applying techniques to help you achieve your goals and communicate better.

Our favourite definition of NLP  described it  as “the study of human excellence” as it concentrates its attention on “how human beings go about making sense of their experience and interacting with others.” (McFermitt, I. and W. Jago (2001) The NLP Coach. Piatkus Books, G.B.).

Using NLP will help you to understand your way of thinking and communicating, and developing these to make the changes you need in your life and work, while clarifying and defining your objectives in specific areas and periods of time.

Some of the NLP techniques which can be used, depending on the specific needs of the client, comprise among others: NLP Communication and Representation model, Neurological levels, NLP Outcome Setting, Perceptual Positions, Anchoring, Reframing, TimeLine Techniques.

These tools can be used for dealing with both individual and group challenges involving: Defining priorities for life/work, Designing achievable plans of action, Dealing with relationships/emotions, Regaining confidence, Teaching and learning across cultures, Managing/Leading across cultures, Time management, Enhancing performance , Improving collaboration, Public speaking, Making presentations, Negotiating, Coping with an illness, Caring for a cancer patient/relative, and others.


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