Do we need a coach to assess our career?

Why is a career coach useful? It is very useful to consider alternatives with a Coach when you are changing careers or jobs. A Coach can assist you to understand your strengths and priorities, and how to align these to your vision about life. There are many sites that have materials about strategies to get a new job. However, a … Continue reading Do we need a coach to assess our career?

Where are we heading to?

"See every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your personal plan for self-development." From: Thought for Today. Available on line at:  [Accessed 22/06/16]   Learning lessons from your experiences could be the best you can do in order to move in the right direction and to achieve what you … Continue reading Where are we heading to?

“Finding your way through Cancer”

"People with cancer have also shown me the phenomenal internal resources that reside in our nature for copying, resilience and finding meaning. (...) until I had the privilege of working with people who had cancer, listening to them, and observing their personal power in the face of suffering, I had no clue really, no real … Continue reading “Finding your way through Cancer”

The Big C & Me

Last night, BBC's aired their new documentary The Big C & Me. Hot on the heels of the BAFTA nominated The C Word, starring Sheridan Smith, they continue to tackle this relevant personal topic. The programme follows people living with cancer as they, and their loved ones, deal with daily life over twelve months. It is a frank … Continue reading The Big C & Me


Having lived through the turmoil of cancer diagnosis, the issues surrounding life with this illness is something that is close to our hearts. We offer specific coaching and counselling services to women and their carers throughout the different phases of cancer. Whether this be reconnecting with your life and forging a new one, learning how … Continue reading A PACIFIST’S GUIDE TO THE WAR ON CANCER