A journey through Cancer. Victoria Derbyshire (BBC)

Yesterday evening I attended The Other Palace theatre for a very interesting presentation made by Ms Victoria Derbyshire about her journey through cancer. The presentation was funny, engaging, respectful, and very human. She talked about her diary, which she keeps since she was a young girl, and how this diary became a crucial ally in her … Continue reading A journey through Cancer. Victoria Derbyshire (BBC)

Mindfulness with Ruby Wax

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend Ruby Wax's latest show, Ruby Wax: Frazzled at Leicester Square Theatre.  Globally recognised as a comic interviewer and actress, she has always being witty and interesting to hear, what is more, since she has dedicated so much effort to bringing and making sense of Mindfulness for the general public, … Continue reading Mindfulness with Ruby Wax


Having lived through the turmoil of cancer diagnosis, the issues surrounding life with this illness is something that is close to our hearts. We offer specific coaching and counselling services to women and their carers throughout the different phases of cancer. Whether this be reconnecting with your life and forging a new one, learning how … Continue reading A PACIFIST’S GUIDE TO THE WAR ON CANCER