The main concern I had when I started my coaching sessions was the fear of diminished quality of life. This was primarily caused by my psychological response to the upset and trauma of brain tumour diagnosis and the shock of life not having returned to normal after the treatment. I felt i was not being a good mother and wife anymore.
After working together, I felt a massive relief. I sense I was talking to someone who understands me better than I understand myself and also I was reassured in being able to relate to everything Carolina highlights to me about my mind, body and feelings has empowered myself to trust my instincts, and make my life better for myself and for others (husband and children).
Carolina has a phenomenal way of listening, paying attention to detail and then translating thoughts and feelings. She is articulate and has a fabulous way with words. Empathetic, with genuine energy and desire to make my life better for me.
Carolina has entirely filled the (very large) gap that developed in my psychology between diagnosis and first seeing her. She is already helping hugely with how best i can approach my upcoming scan and review.
I simply cannot thank Carolina enough. I am quite certain i would have very troubling mental health issues without her. Thanks!

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