Carolina explained the difference between coaching and counselling and focussed on the benefits of each whilst highlighting her experience in coaching. I felt very confident that coaching was right for me.
I was initially concerned that I would spend the entire session crying and that it would be embarrassing and shameful. I do cry, but Carolina creates a safe space when that is ok, and there is no judgment.
Because of our work together I feel more confident that I have a future after cancer. I feel more relaxed about the changes in my body (both past and ongoing). I feel more in tune with my emotions and my thoughts. I have tools to aid my mental recovery, and that I have support available when i need it. I do not feel alone.
Carolina has a way of making you feel calm, in a safe space. She does not judge, and genuinely wants to help you navigate the new normal.
I have received fantastic care for my physical treatment, but there was no emotional support once i became an outpatient. It is very important to have that mental support so you can maximise your health and wellbeing.
Coaching is an essential service.

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