Carolina is clear in the use of coaching for helping patients to be more proactive in supporting themselves throughout cancer and moving forward. I have attended Counselling sessions and seen the different impact from Coaching. While Counselling allows one to analyse out thought, feelings and emotions with guided questions, Coaching takes the person to the next level. Couching guides us to be proactive in establishing controls and making practical decisions.
I was originally attending the coaching sessions to explore my deeper sense of living. I did not know much how about how coaching could impact my way of processing my thoughts and influence my actions.
Carolina’s sense of direction, knowledge, wisdom, empathy, step-back attitude and self-respect approach helped me to re-assess my needs and plans. Her teaching background strengthened the aims during the discussions, helping me refocus on ME, and be more relaxed in making choices that contribute to my benefit.
I am very grateful for the time spent with her. As a result, I have regained my determination and hope. I look at her as an example of how cancer can make a different impact on human beings. I want now to utilise my experience to help others as well. To do that I will find my own peace first.
I will whole heartedly recommend Carolina as a coach. Her experience, delivering style, skills, knowledge and passion would help many other people like me find our way to society, living with confidence and contentment.

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