Carolina’s explained the coaching process extremely well. She is clear about the boundaries which would help the coachee to identify and prioritise his/her role. This helped me to come up with reasons for my difficulties, while encouraging, supporting and by emotionally holding me when I have felt my world come down during a session.
My main concern when i came to Coaching was that I was struggling to find direction. I was feeling overwhelmed by the different responsibilities with different members of the family, other priorities and my own health.
Carolina worked with me through some difficult emotions regarding bereavement of very close members of my family and some friends. Strong emotions made me cry and I could not talk. Carolina supported me enormously in those moments. She also helps me to understand the need to be kind to myself, my body, my feelings.
She helped me to identify and differentiate what was urgent and what was important. She helped me to think about how I could address both kind of issues by prioritising on my needs, to stay healthy after cancer. She provided a safe place to talk, to be me without disguises.
I would recommend Carolina as a coach 150%. She is the first coach I have had who got quickly to the hub of my concerns. She was able to reframe some of my thoughts in a way that could cut to the core of the emotions and own your healing process. She has spent time with me to identify what things nourish and revitalise me.
I have recommended Carolina to friends and family because she is skilled at helping you move on your journey, to identify why there may be a lack of movement and to support you to work on it.

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