Carolina exemplifies the passion for educating the next generation of workforce, and I am one of the fortunate beneficiaries of her enthusiasm and commitment. Her teaching style was first-rate; the combination of her animated delivery of content, incredible, up-to-date market knowledge, and relentless drive to connect the theoretical with real-world issues makes her the best teacher I have ever had. Her impact on her students doesn’t stop when they have graduated, dispensing advice whenever we need it. This is what really sets Carolina apart; she cares about her students as unique individuals and for their professional and personal wellbeing.

Carolina has been my role model and mentor from the time she was my Course Director during my studies of Masters in International Finance and Investment (2006), through to the present. Only after graduation did I realise Carolina’s teaching style is ahead of her peers both within the University and compared to other universities. Her lectures cover not only textbook examples but how the theories we learn are implemented or unfolding in the business world.

Carolina’s commitment to education goes far beyond the modules that her students enrol in. During the academic year, she organised extracurricular classes and activities to ensure that her students received a well-rounded education beyond what is stated by the standard curriculum. For example, the residential weekend not only helped us with shaping and researching for our dissertation but also guided us with our impending job search with advice on CV and interviews, capabilities which I found were lacking from the wider university.

Another example where Carolina went above and beyond relates to the large number of foreign students in our course; Carolina took upon herself to persuade the university to put on specialist English tutorials for whom English was a second language, at no extra costs to the students, so they can make the most out of their education in England. Equally, Carolina demonstrates her commitment to global thinking via the EU Intensive Programmes that she designed and coordinated, through which her students had a chance to mix with higher education institutions from other countries such as Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.

Positive role model with boundless enthusiasm in her field

Carolina has remained my mentor and a great friend throughout my professional career to this day.

Carolina’s passion and energy extend outside the classroom, and she remains interested in my (and of many of her other students and friends) professional and personal well-being beyond graduation. She is a great listener, always patient when I explain my theory or rationale before dispensing advice and encouragement, and has contributed positively to the career decisions I have made. Carolina is a really fantastic coach and teacher, bringing excitement and lifelong learning to the many people who have studied under her.

― Cecilia Liao Research Analyst at Deloitte LLPFormer Student