I did not see Dr. Carolina Valiente just as my lecturer but as a friend in some sense because of her approach to us. 

She was my Course Director as well as Lecturer when I did an MSc in International Investment and Finance at the University (2013-2014).

There were times I felt the subjects were tough but I felt a strong need to work hard in order to participate well in class discussions because I did not want to disappoint Carolina (as we all called her).

She had a very warm and explicit model in the manner she taught to the effect that you could only fail her courses if you were down right unserious.

I can remember our residential weekend where Carolina was so much more of our friend despite been our very good lecturer. It gave us an opportunity to discuss very informally the challenges we had with other subjects and the lecturers and ways of resolving these issues.

In summary, I can say that Carolina’s friendship; versatility and encouragement contributed greatly in my graduating with a distinction in International Investment and Finance. I have now been offered a full Studentship for my PhD.

― Lucy Ogbenjuwa Relationship Manager, First Bank of Nigeria Ltd