Dr Carolina was always a person who knew how to show her students how to find their way.

To speak about Carolina , I have to go back in time a bit. September 2008 , and during my first day in the University , while I was lost and confused because of lots of problems that took place before , I met Dr Carolina. She rushed into the class room with a big box full of references from The Economist magazine and with a long strap on her neck carrying keys, pens and her reading glasses. She started to introduce herself in a very attractive way, saying that she is a British citizen to reflect her education, knowledge and citizenship; that she has a German stripe of a character to reflect her strict timing and commitment;  and that she is originally from Venezuela which explains her hyper active smiley way of communicating with us.

The introduction was unique, strong and definitely succeeded to win the attention of every one in the room, including myself. Carolina was always a person who knew how to show her students how to find their way, not by telling them what to do, but by showing them the way to find what they wanted. It is easy to dictate to others what to do or what you think they should do, but it is not easy to dig into the person, to understand what he/she likes, what he/she can do and most importantly, what he/she really wants to do.

Carolina has the talent and the patience to listen, analyse and advice based on the person’s needs, rather than based on her own preference.

In 2009, Carolina introduced me to participate in an educational trip to Estonia with other students from the University for 11 days. We went and stayed with students and academics from other 5 universities from different European countries. She proved to be a good leader from the first second, when she asked us to make the arrangement for what was needed for this trip. She put the responsibilities in our hands confirming she knew who was capable of doing what. The outcome was marvellous. Everything went exactly as planned and better, just because everyone of us was trying to do his/her best.

After the trip, which was very successful, Carolina was nominated among all the other professors from the 6 universities to be the most popular, knowledgeable and close to the students.

Most of Dr Carolina’s students, including me, keep still in a good relation with her until now, even when we all finished the University a long time ago. It is hard to find someone who genuinely cares, advises and helps you , just to be enthusiastic about doing it and to make you feel happy.

I can go on and on… but to brief it, THANK YOU DR CAROLINA just for being you.

― Mohamed Elokda Banker