Carolina is truly a standout educator, because of her sheer dedication to her students, unlimited enthusiasm and positive energy.Her insight and careful, thoughtful explanation made a complex subject like Finance easy to understand and even fun. Her ability to go the extra-mile as a teacher has motivated so many young people to continue learning and developing. Carolina has the gift to help and support people and change lives.
We all thought that the way she presented her lectures, by spicing them up and making them relevant to current real-life examples, was unique and different, and helped us to remember and understand the information much more easily.
With her constant smile and boundless energy, she made everyone feel comfortable enough to share ideas, ask questions, and participate in discussions. I especially loved how she managed to challenge our way of thinking during different class activities. We nourished off her energy and we felt excited to learn. I remember looking forward to attending lectures each week impatiently, and then walking home after classes with my knew knowledge, feeling like I had superpowers! I have no words to express how much I enjoyed attending Carolina’s classes in Banking and Finance.
I can honestly say that she is one of the most amazing and inspirational people I have ever met in my life and I feel honoured to know her.
― Pam Kolarova Former Student 2014-15