Over my entire university career, Carolina continually and persuasively conveyed a spirit of adventure and an unprecedented excitement about learning.

This great enthusiasm is something of which I am very often reminded, particularly at times when I am downcast. Knowing that there is somebody who is able to deliver so much positive energy at any time will always motivate me – my personal understanding of a true role model.

I had the honour to meet her during my Masters course (2014-2015), and found her to be a lecturer who was more than technically highly proficient. Carolina delivered interactive sessions in which a student could apply theoretical input in practical situations in order to comprehend new content easily.

Her lessons since the first day were something special for every single student in the class. This scheme was complemented with an explanatory approach in which not a single circumstance but rather the whole picture, were clarified and visualised, while topics were connected to each other. Pursuing this unique approach, Carolina conveyed a simple approach (unfortunately not used by many teachers whom too often underestimate students): the need to understand  “Why” and “How” events happen. Why are things how they are? Her method challenged me in a way that I could not simply reproduce other authors’ work. I first needed to understand the bigger picture by critically asking “simple” questions.

This critical approach in which we need to reflect and make steps clear before taking action, is helping me not just in my career in one of the biggest professional services firms worldwide, but also in my personal life.


― Peyman Rezvani Deloitte LLP