Dr Valiente used both recent examples and examples from the near past to add to the more technical details of her lecture. The Volkswagen emissions scandal (which had just broken) was used most effectively. Her interaction with students worked well in such a large room. I saw that some students had downloaded and were making notes on her slides (using laptops) which seemed to me a highly effective way for them to engage as well as responding to Dr Valiente’s questions. The questions were succinct and well directed allowing interaction alongside the material of the lecture. At each stage clear and concise points were made. Time was used effectively and broken up into blocks of 50 minutes to aid student focus. The lecture was delivered in an intelligent, clear and highly engaging manner.

I just wanted to take the time to send you a message regarding Professor Valiente. I had the privilege of being taught by her this past fall, I am a Northeastern student and studied abroad and took classes in London. Carolina was a wonderful teacher who was always excited about teaching and always ensured her students were engaged. Carolina made it easy to pay attention and learn economics and thanks to her, I have continued my study of economics here at Northeastern University. I’m sure you get many complaints so I just wanted to pass on some good news! Carolina was truly a wonderful teacher.
FIE. Siena Carroll.

― Siena Carroll FIE. Student 2016