The following paragraphs have been extracted from the book by Kneier, A.(2010), page 130.

“…In the end, it can be good to face the prospect of death and to work on coming to terms with it, if possible. Too often, however, the kind of support that people with cancer receive goes in the opposite direction.  Are people telling you, for example, to keep a positive attitude and a fighting spirit? Do they consistently focus on something encouraging or something that gives hope? Although all this support your optimism, don’t you also need support in being realistic? It does not help when people counter your realism with an optimism that you feel, in all honesty, is unwarranted by your situation. (…) It is courageous to think [that cancer could prove fatal], and facing it is the first step toward coming to terms with it. It can also be the first step in taking nothing for granted and cherish in each day. Eventually, we are all confronted with the challenge of finding some sense of peace. Your loved ones may not realize you need more support in this process. If necessary, just tell them. It could pay off for you, and for them as well.”

Facing death is a upmost difficult task. You do not need to face it alone. You can make some positive changes and build every day in a way that help you and yours to show the love you share. You can do the best of the rest of your life, whatever short or long it will be.  Many coaching clients get through this difficult period by getting in touch with their inner self, and deciding in a more purposely and conscious way, probably for the first time, what they really want to do with the “rest of their lives”.

If you only had one day to live, what would you want to do with it?



Kneieir, A. (2010) Finding your way through Cancer.  Celestial Arts. US.


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